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A Day Not Talking to You ;(

Assalammualaikum all peepers! as i'm writing this, you might actually know how grateful i am. Looking back through my past makes me realize how badly my life changed now ;( I really believe that you're the greatest thing that happened in my life, i swear. You always have ability to make me smile and there hasn't been a day  that i stop smilingand make you always make things better then even if my day is going bad. I don't ever care about what other people gonna say or think about us. I love you for who you are, thanks a lot for accepting my imperfections as i accepted your flaws. Dear S, i'm sorry that whenever you speak to me i'm incapable of speech. I hide my feelings from you because i'm afraid to fall in love with you. I always make my boyfriend hurt ;( I hope you don't change your mind to accepted me, please don't make me feels like " TUNGGUL " or " FRIENDS ONLY " maybe?